Java Sugar Mill Tour August 2017

Linesiding with John

During the Tour I produced around 20 blogs in pdf format which I sent to those on the mailing list. I have now uploaded them here on my webpages and they are now freely available to anyone who is interested. Click on a blog to download or view the pdf file.

Your feedback is welcome. Please send any feedback to:

Blog 1
Blog  2
Blog 3
Blog 4
Blog 5
Blog 6
Blog 7
Main Tour - Kedawung
Blog 8
Wonolangan, Gending, Pajarakan
Blog 9
Blog 10
Blog 11
Blog 12
Wringinanom, Panarukan, Pasir Putih
Blog 13
Olean, Prajakan
Blog 14
Semboro, Jatiroto Part 1
Blog 15
Semboro, Jatiroto Part 2
Blog 16
Madiun, Rejoagung
Blog 17

Blog 18
Pagottan, Rejosari
Blog 19
Purwodadi, Soedhono
Blog 20
Pesantren, Gempolkerep, Kedawung & Jatiroto

There was also one blog about the Etty Family who once owned Wonolangan Sugar Mill.

During the tour, I wrote 2 Feedback Blogs and after the tour I wrote a final feedback and tour reflections blog and took a look forward to 2018 and 2019.

Feedback 1
Situbondo area
Feedback 2
Semboro, Jatiroto, Etty Family

If you are interested in a 2018 Java Sugar Mill Tour with a focus on stationary steam inside the mills or a 2019 Tour with a mixed focus on mills with diesel field work, good staionary steam engine mills and mills with real working steam be that conventional locos or fireless, please contact me

John Raby
Sutton on Sea
August 2017