January 2018 Sandaoling
Linesiding Without John!
The People
The Scene
Best Selfie Competition

Russ Plays it for Laughs!
Jürgen Treats it Seriously!
And the winners are Jürgen for consistently good selfies with train interest and Russ for best facial contortion with a train in the background!
These photos were provided by members of the tour group but the vast majority are from the camera of Jürgen Wisckow. Many thanks for sharing them with me and allowing me to publish them here.
L-R Jürgen, James, driver, Alan (guide), Keith, CJ, Troels, Russ (upper), Andy (below), Steve
If you would like a last 'go' at Sandaoling in 2018/19- probably along with Shibanxi to try the new Chengdu - Hami thrice-weekly flights, please click this box to email me. My own favourite time would be Sandaoling after Chinese New Year 2019 for the Lantern Festival there 19 February, followed by Shibanxi in early March for the flower season.