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Real Steam Tours to China
The next real steam China tours are in January 2018 and March-April 2018. The January tour is primarily to have one last go at Sandaoling in cold weather. Snow is possible but can't be gauaranteed. 6 signed up already but we can take a few more. Email for the tour information document. The March-April 2018 tour will be a narrow gauge tour visiting several locations not just those with steam. Details are still being worked out but up to 3 ng steam locations are possible. Likely to be included are Shibanxi during the flower season, salt, reed and coal ng railways using diesel and electrics. Other locations yet to be confirmed. This tour will use traditional sleeper trains and modern high-speed trains to travel between the steam locations. Email for details.
Future Java tours could include a sugar mill stationary steam tour in August 2018 and a general sugar mill stationary steam, diesel field work, real working steam and possibly a charter or two visit in August 2019. Early days on both of these tours but email e to let me know that you are interested.
Java Sugar Mill Steam & Diesel tours
Bosnia Tours
With less real steam on the ground and some issues getting the sorts of trains we would like at Mokra Gora, we are holding back on future Bosnia tours. However, if there is enough interest in the final two kriegsloks working at the coal loading points of Sikulje and Dubrave and charters on the narrow gauge at Banovici, we will do another tour. Email me to let me know you are interested.
email me - if you are interested in any of these tours or tour ideas
Linesiding with John
Updated 2 September 2017
Would you enjoy a trip to China and would you enjoy it more or less if you signed up for one of my tours? I offer trips to China to see real working steam but not just that, a chance to interact with the Chinese people, enjoy the scenery, eat the food . . . One way, I thought, to give you an idea of whether you would enjoy China with me, is to put together a collection of what would today be called 'selfies' but which were photos shot by friends, local guides and fellow travellers of me in China. Please see the YouTube slide show below. Can you put yourself in my place and imagine yourself enjoying China? If think you would enjoy a trip with me, I have trips in late 2016 and spring 2017. Email me for more details.