Florence Forman

Florence bought Marigold Cottage in October 1913, taking out a mortgage from a Mr Thomas Markham - she paid him back in full in October 1917.  The amount was 125

At the time of selling the land to Ada Sharpley on 8th April 1925 she was formerly of Sutton on Sea but then of South Ormsby.  The amount was 175

Could the following person be her?

FLORENCE FORMAN b 1878  Ulceby with Fordington
1911  Living at WELL with  mother and sister Florence  33 Elementary Head Teacher
1901   Boarding in ROOS Yorkshire  school teacher (23)
1891 living at Ulceby with Fordington mother kept "the Gate"public house

1881 as  1891 6 brothers and sisters Mother was a 37 year old widow
 1871     father/mother at Gate    Public House