William Mortimer

Died 7th February 1913 leaving everything to his wife Frances Mortimer of Walnut House, Motherley Hill, Lincoln.  She sold the plot of land in Sutton-on-Sea on 1st October 1913 to Florence Forman for 125.  The land contained about 1848 sq yds with a frontage on Church Lane of 84 feet.  The land to the North was owned by John Thomas Simons and Benjamin Simons, to the East by Daniel Paddison Wilyman and West by Mrs Fanny Baines.

William was born in 1841/2 and at the time of his death would have been 72/1.  He played cricket for Lincolnshire against the All England Team in 1861 and 1862 and was an architect this is stated on the 1911 census when both were aged 69 and living at Walnut House, Motherley Hill, Lincoln.  They had been married 44 years and had one servant.  He was born in Terrington, Yorkshire and she was born in Boston, Lincolnshire.

The Mortimers lived at the same property in Lincoln all of their married life. They had one son who became an architect. Frances was Frances Harrison of Boston  (her father was a baker and corn merchant)  They married in Boston 1866.