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First uploaded: 15 February 2023
Updated: 21 February 2023
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This new home page came about for several reasons. The website editor I used to use - Kompozer - won't work with my current operating system and now I only need a simple homepage that provides useful links but which also doesn't need updating frequently. This is the result.
I am only slowly getting back to offering tours post Covid. The first tour will be a Romania Narrow Gauge holiday 25 July - 7 August 2023 visiting the 5 steam-operated narrow gauge tourist lines as well as a number of other rail-related sites of interest. The second tour in 2023 is to Eastern USA heritage railroads in the fall from 3 - 14 October 2023 and visiting (among others) Cass, Strasburg, East Broad Top & Western Maryland. Additional details are available for both tours. Email me - click on this box - if interested.
If you want to access items not covered on this new Home page such as previous Linesiding Club updates, you can click here to see the previous Home page.
I've been copying VHS, video 8, mini DV and mini HD cassettes to hard drive and editing some of these to upload to YouTube. Click on this text box to go to my YouTube channel and subscribe to my channel to hear about new videos. My recent postings have included China, Indonesia, Malaysia and The Philippines.
You can find older trip reports via the Previous Home Pages link above centre. For some time now, I have been emailing my mailing list asking anyone interested to sign up for live trip reports when I go away. To hear about these live reports, you will need to be on my mailing list. Email me by clicking this link and ask to be added.
While some older Updates are available on my previous home page (click the box above), I have now adopted a slightly more confidential approach and Updates only go to those on my email Updates mailing list. The obtain future Updates, you now need to ask to be on the email list. Click this box to send me an email to be added to the list. Updates appear (roughly) monthly around the first day of the month.
Email me by clicking this box
I organise Linesiding Club zoom meetings every month on a Tuesday evening (normally the 3rd Tuesday) from October until May every year. Each meeting comprises 3 presentations on varied railway topics that will be of interest if you like steam, narrow gauge, historic railwya photos, etc. from round the world. The best way to find out about these meetings is to subscribe to my monthly Updates.
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