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Between November 2016 and February 2017, we undertook a 3 month trip to Japan (Kyoto), New Zealand (Auckland and South Island), Australia (Tasmania, Sydney and Brisbane), Bali (Ubud, Penestanan) with a brief return to Japan (Kansai International Airport area).

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John & Stephanie
March 2017

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Train Blogs Added 1 November 2017
Kyoto Railway Blog
New Zealand Railway Blog
Tasmania Railway Blog

Our main visit was to Kyoto in the height of the autumn colours in November 2016 and we covered this with 9 blogs.

We returned on our way back to the UK in February 2017 and stayed near Kansai International Airport. This resulted in one more blog (Blog 32).

Blog 1
Blog 2
Blog 3
Blog 4
Blog 5
Blog 6
Blog 7
Blog 8
Blog 9
Blog 32

New Zealand

We visited friends in Auckland, North Island and had an overnight on the wldlife sanctuary island Tiri Tiri Matangi and then flew to Christchurch for an extended stay on South Island staying at Springfield, Arthurs Pass, Granity, Franz Josef, Haast, Oamaru and Christchurch in that order. We also had a day trip to Dunedin. There were 2 Auckland blogs (Blogs 10 and 11) and then 6 South Island blogs (12 - 17).

Blog 10
Blog 11
Blog 12
Blog 13
Blog 14
Blog 15
Blog 16
Blog 17


We spent most of time on Tasmania with explorations near Hobart and then staying in Queenstown, Deloraine, Launceston and Bicheno before returning to Hobart. This resulted in 8 blogs (18-25). We then flew to Sydney and went up to North Avoca for the weekend. We travelled by train from Sydney to Melbourne and had a day there with separate friends before flying to Bali. There is one blog each for Sydney (Blog 26) and Melbourne (Blog 27).

Blog 18
Blog 19
Blog 20
Blog 21
Blog 22
Blog 23
Blog 24
Blog 25
Blog 26
Blog 27

Bali, Indonesia

We decided to stay on at the hotel we had booked for 2 nights at the beginning in Penestanan and left from there to fly back to Japan via KL. We wrote 4 blogs about our explorations around Ubud and Penestanan.

Blog 28
Blog 29
Blog 30
Blog 31


We also prepared one Blog of Trip Reflections which we sent out from Schiphol Airport on our way home.

Blog 33

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John & Stephanie
March 2017