Updated 14 February 2016

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To order a DVD from the pages below, please click on the email link below the price for the DVD and send me a message that you wish to buy this DVD. Prices are £15 + postage for single DVDs, £18 + postage for double DVDs with a special price for DVD sets. The email you send will already have a suitable title including the name of the DVD. It would help if you could note how you would like to pay in the email and whether you want the DVD sent to a UK, rest of Europe or rest of the World address. If you want to order several DVDs at the same time, click and send me an email for each of the titles you are interested in. I will combine these to produce a total price. Postage will be for the first DVD only and orders for four DVDs or more will attract a discount.You can pay by PayPal, UK cheque or bank transfer.

John Raby
Originally written - 23 December 2013
Still valid - 14 February 2016

The 60+ DVDs I have produced are shown by Region or Country


Asia Minor & the Indian Sub-continent (including Turkey, Sri Lanka & Burma)



Australasia (New Zealand)

Europe (France, Germany, Ireland, Romania, UK)

The Americas & Africa (Cuba & Eritrea)

Please note that DVDs from about 2014 are not yet incorporated into these regional pages. To see my recent DVDs click here.

Terms & Conditions

Please read this information about my DVDs before placing your order.

I normally use high-quality Verbatim DVD-R blank disks for all DVD orders. I check each DVD I burn on a different DVD player to my DVD burner to make sure that the menu displays on TV and works. I also check one or more chapters to make sure that the picture and sound work OK. However, as with any DVD, a few people may experience problems playing these DVDs.

If the DVD doesn't work properly, please follow these steps.

Step 1: clean the DVD with a lens or glasses cloth. If you have one, you may also wish to use a DVD/CD lens cleaning disk on your DVD player.

Step 2: try the DVD in a different DVD player or on your computer if it has a DVD drive. If it works OK, the problem is a problem of compatibility with your DVD player. Cheaper Chinese DVD players seem more tolerant and less likely to give problems than expensive Japanese models.

Step 3: if steps one and two did not get the DVD to play properly, soak the DVD in warm water and remove the label. This will not damage the DVD and it may play OK without its label. If this solves the problem, I apologise for the fact that you now have an unlabelled but working DVD but the problem is solved.

Step 4: if the other steps don't work, insert the DVD into a computer and try to copy the DVD and then burn a new copy. Consult your computer technical expert, help files or search online to find out how to do this. If you produce a new copy, you may find that this plays OK in your DVD player. I understand that not everyone will be able to carry out step 4 but it can be a very effective way to solve the problem.

If after following steps 1-2-3 or 1-2-3-4, you are left with a disk that does not work perfectly, contact me jraby@waitrose.com and I will replace it. One option is for me to send you a DVD+R version which may be more compatible with your equipment rather than just burning you another DVD-R which could give you the same problems.

As burned DVDs probably won't last forever, you have my permission to make a back-up copy either on your computer or as a burned disk. This is the best way to ensure ongoing access to this footage. (However, reproduction of this DVD or the footage contained in any form for purposes other than to make your own personal backup infringes my moral copyright on the DVD and the images it contains and is not allowed.)

Nothing written above negates your rights when purchasing a product online. However, with postal charges high especially for international deliveries, it is expensive to send out replacement DVDs. I hope you will accept that you can live with a case that is cracked or a DVD without its sticker or perhaps having to watch the DVD on your computer rather than your DVD player, as long as you have a working DVD that displays all of the footage contained on it without problems.

John Raby
February 2013
Slightly tweaked February 2016